Press Release: Chris Paddie Appointed to Executive Committee of the Energy Council

April 17, 2019

“As Chair of the House Energy Resources Committee, there is no one more prepared and qualified to represent our state’s robust energy sector at the national level than Representative Paddie,” said Speaker Bonnen. “Rep. Paddie has been at the forefront of championing policies that have kept Texas the top state in the nation for energy production, and his breadth of knowledge on these issues will be invaluable to The Energy Council. He has been an effective leader for the people of District 9, and I have no doubt he will be an effective voice for Texas on The Energy Council.”

Capitol Update: Preparing Texas for the Next Storm

April 12, 2019

One of the most pressing issues facing the 86th Legislature is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and working to prepare for future storms. We took a significant step in the rebuilding efforts in the budget process with the House proposing to spend $2.7 billion to assist with funds needed to not only rebuild […]

Capitol Update: Monumental School Finance and Property Tax Reform

April 6, 2019

This was a monumental week in the Texas House of Representatives.  This week, the House overwhelmingly passed HB 3 that invests $9 billion in Texas classrooms to boost student achievement, support teacher quality, reduce recapture and provide property tax relief. 

Texas House Passes Transformational School Finance Legislation

April 4, 2019

House Bill 3, co-authored by Rep. Chris Paddie, invests $9 billion in Texas classrooms to improve public education and provide property tax relief AUSTIN, Texas — Today the Texas House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed House Bill 3—legislation co-authored by Representative Chris Paddie—that invests $9 billion in Texas classrooms to boost student achievement, support teacher quality, […]

Capitol Update: Help for Rural Veterans, Teachers, and Schools

March 29, 2019

Just after midnight, late Wednesday evening, or more accurately, early Thursday morning, the House unanimously passed HB 1, the state budget.  I am proud to support the House’s version of the budget which makes a historic investment in our public schools, adding a whopping $9 billion for our teachers and kids. This budget continues the […]

Capitol Update: Government Transparency and Teaching Students the Constitution

March 22, 2019

This week the House began debating legislation as a body and we passed several measures over to the Senate for consideration. I also continued to present bills to House committees and worked to get the bills that were presented in weeks past voted out of committee. 

Capitol Update: Helping Retired Teachers

March 15, 2019

This week, the House announced HB 9, which will provide a long term solution for the Teacher Retirement System. It will increase the state’s contribution from the current 6.8% to 8.8%, which will allow the fund to reach actuarial soundness within by 2021. It also authorizes a 13th check beginning in 2021.

Capitol Update: School Finance Reform Unveiled

March 8, 2019

HB 3 will put nine billion additional dollars of state funding into our public school system.  This is a huge commitment by the state which is long overdue.  It increases per student funding by almost $900 per year. By providing this additional money, we are able to reduce recapture payments by school districts by 38% this biennium.  Those are substantial dollars that will stay in our local schools and not go back to the state.  We will also see an across the board property tax rate reduction of four cents.


March 5, 2019

“I applaud Chris Paddie for authoring House Bill 3 and for taking us one step closer to passing transformational school finance legislation this session,” said Speaker Bonnen.

Capitol Update: East Texans in Austin and Pending Legislation

March 1, 2019

I am pleased to let you know that HB 1000, the Rural Jobs Act, will be heard in the International Relations and Economic Development Committee this coming Monday.