Fighting for Property Tax Reform & Relief

Right now, countless families are worried about being taxed out of their homes. People have worked hard their whole lives to successfully pay their mortgage, but still find themselves in a hole because of government overreach. Chris Paddie was raised in a small house in Carthage, but his family took pride in what they had. Your property ownership reflects your hard work and dedication, and it’s time we brought skyrocketing property taxes back down to Earth.

Chris is committed to meaningful property tax relief that arms the taxpayer to successfully challenge their appraisal boards, holds local taxing entities accountable for their rates, and gives families direct approval over local government attempts to reach deeper into our pocket. More than anything, Chris wants to keep more money in your pocket and protect your property.

Supporting our Rural Schools

As the father of two sons and the first to attend college in his immediate family, Chris understands firsthand the importance of properly educating our kids. An investment in education is an investment in our future leaders and job creators. That’s why Chris is committed to ensuring our rural schools have every resource they need to deliver a strong education that prepares our kids for the future. He is working hard to reform our broken school finance system in a way that substantially lowers property taxes and ensures our teachers, parents, and students lack for nothing.

Stopping Illegal Immigration

This session, Chris was very proud to co-author the bill that officially banned ‘Sanctuary Cities’ like Austin that refused to turn over criminal illegal aliens and put our families in danger. Additionally, Chris voted to add 250 troopers and invest $1.6 billion toward securing our border – while maintaining a balanced state budget. He believes we must secure every inch of the border to protect our families from violent criminals, drug cartels, and terrorists. Chris is committed to eliminating all threats to the safety of our Texas families.

Balanced Budgets & Spending Limits

First and foremost, Chris believes effective leadership comes from being a good listener. He has listened to his district’s economic concerns and taken them to heart. A strong fiscal conservative, Chris ensures our government runs like a business – with an eye on the bottom line and investing in what matters for better growth. He has never voted to raise taxes and, in fact, has cut taxes by a total of $5 billion since we sent him to Austin. He also helped cut government waste to ensure a balanced budget – with over $10 billion saved in our emergency fund. Chris continues to strive for a responsible spending cap that provides everything Texas needs to thrive and prosper within our means.

Protecting Innocent Life at All Costs

Defending innocent life has always been one of Chris’ top priorities in the Texas House. As a devout Christian and father, Chris believes life is a miracle from God we must protect. Recently, he successfully banned all abortions after 20-weeks gestation – when we know babies in the womb can feel pain. This session, Chris was proud to pass legislation this session that defunded Planned Parenthood, put an end to all taxpayer-funded abortions and banned partial birth abortions in Texas. Endorsed by Texas Alliance for Life and Life PAC, Chris will always protect our most vulnerable. Currently, Chris is fighting to bar elective abortions from health insurance coverage.

Defending our Gun Rights

An avid hunter and lifetime member of the NRA, Chris has built a record of continuously advancing our gun rights. First, he passed the law that allowed our college students to concealed carry, then he passed the state’s first ‘Open Carry’ law. This session, Chris pushed the ball forward by cutting the License-to-Carry fee from $140 to $40 – a big cut for gun owners and a good step toward ending the fee once and for all. ‘A’ Rated and endorsed by the NRA and the Texas State Rifle Association, Chris is committed to defending our right to protect our families.

Commitment to Job Creation

As a pro-business and free enterprise advocate, Chris knows good jobs provide for families, strengthen our economy, and help reduce the tax burden on taxpayers. To ensure Texas continues to attract businesses from liberal strongholds like California, Chris has been a leading voice for slashing harmful taxes and regulation.

This session, Paddie passed the law that allows for statewide ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to flourish without Austin-style regulations that prevented them from operating freely. Chris also passed the ‘Buy American Steel Act’ to encourage our contractors to keep their dollars here in the U.S. rather than strengthening the economies of foreign countries like China. In Chris, we have a representative who is committed to growing our economy and our families’ prosperity.