Learn the Truth behind Garrett Boersma’s False Attacks

Granny Tax

Lie: Chris Paddie voted for a granny tax that hurts seniors.
Fact: There’s no Granny Tax. Click here to learn more.

Rice University “Study”

Lie: Chris Paddie is the 18th most liberal Republican in the Texas House.
Fact: In order to be the most Conservative on the Rice University “Study,” Chris Paddie would have┬áhad to oppose tougher laws for rape and oppose the pledge of allegiance. Click here to learn more.

Property Tax Reform

Lie: Chris Paddie failed us on property tax reform.
Fact: Chris Paddie passed property tax reform in the Texas House. Click here to learn more.

Conservative Rankings

Lie: Chris Paddie failed at representing our conservative, East Texas values.
Fact: These “conservative groups” don’t share our values. Click here to learn more.

Border Security Funding

Lie: Chris Paddie opposed moving millions of dollars away from diversity training to border security.
Fact: Chris Paddie passed full funding for border security 3 years ago and again last year when it came up for a vote. Click here to learn more.