January 23, 2019

AUSTIN – State Representative Chris Paddie (R-Marshall) has been appointed as Chairman of the House Energy Resources Committee. He was also appointed to serve on the House Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee and the Redistricting Committee.

“I am excited to be working on issues that are vitally important to our East Texas economy,” said Rep. Paddie. “These committee appointments will allow our district to have influence on many of the important issues that will be addressed by this legislature. Now that we have committee assignments, I am looking forward to getting to work and tackling the many issues facing our state.”

The Energy Resources Committee has jurisdiction over the conservation of the energy resources of Texas; the production, regulation, transportation, and development of oil, gas, and other energy resources; the leasing and regulation of mineral rights under public lands; mining; developing and using alternative energy sources; and increasing energy efficiency throughout the state. The committee also oversees the Railroad Commission, the Texas Energy Coordination Council and the State Energy Conservation Office.

The Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee has jurisdiction over the oversight of businesses, industries, general trades, and occupations regulated by this state; regulation of the sale of intoxicating beverages and local option control; and the following state agencies: the Department of Licensing and Regulation, the State Office of Administrative Hearings, the Board of Architectural Examiners, the State Board of Public Accountancy, the Real Estate Commission, the State Board of Plumbing Examiners, the Board of Professional Engineers, the Texas Racing Commission, the Lottery Commission, and the Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

The Redistricting Committee is a procedural committee with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to legislative districts, both house and senate, and any changes or amendments; congressional districts, their creation, and any changes or amendments; establishing districts for the election of judicial officers or of governing bodies or representatives of political subdivisions or state agencies as required by law, and preparations for the redistricting process.

Rep. Paddie also serves as the Vice Chairman of the Sunset Advisory Commission, and has been busy the past year reviewing the 32 state agencies that are currently undergoing the Sunset review process. Each of these agencies are reviewed to determine if the state has a continuing need for the agency, and if so, what changes can be made to make the agencies more efficient and effective for the citizens of Texas. He looks forward to becoming the Chairman of the Sunset Advisory Committee at the beginning of the next biennium.