Marshall Fire Fighters Association Endorses Chris Paddie for Re-Election

December 17, 2017

DATE: December 8, 2017
CONTACT: Johnathan Wilson
PHONE: 972-697-3243

The Marshall Fire Fighters Association today endorsed Chris Paddie for re-election as Texas State Representative District 9 which covers Cass, Harrison, Marion, Panola, Sabine and Shelby Counties.

“The Marshall Fire Fighters have never made an endorsement for a State Representative, but this year we felt we must,” said Johnathan P. Wilson, President of the Marshall Fire Fighters Association. “We know both candidates well, having watched them both at the City level and then Paddie at the statewide level. Paddie is the clear choice.”

“We have noticed that governments which fail to be fiscally conservative, soon have trouble providing public safety,” said Wilson. “Paddie has balanced the budget without tax rate increases every single year he has served in any office. In fact, he lowered taxes while keeping governmental services strong.”

“Knowing the difference between the candidates as we do, this decision was easy. Now it is our goal to help let as many voters as possible hear and learn about Chris Paddie’s excellent record,” concluded Wilson.

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